Hotel Amarea
Hotel Amarea

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Near the trendiest beach of Lipari (with DJs, parties and entertainment)

Ideal as point of departure for excursions around the other islands for a very nice and spontaneus day

Late breakfast and late check-out at 12.00: to enjoy the wonderful dawn of Canneto after a night of party or before a day of adventure



On the island of Lipari, along the popular Canneto seaside, with its beach from where you can enjoy the enchanting view of Panarea and Stromboli, you can find Amarea Hotel, a comfortable 3 star hotel.

The hotel is located less than 100 meters from the beach awarded with the International prize of the “Blue Flag”. It is ideal accommodation for families with children who seek the proximity to the sea, but it is also a great place for couples who enjoy walking along the beach, and the mundanity of the numerous beach resorts that you can find along the seaside, which organize fun-filled days and especially at night.



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The island of Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago. Historically called by the Greeks Meligunis, it has an area of ​​37.6 square kilometers and about 10,000 residents.

There are five main suburbs: Lipari, Acquacalda, Canneto, Pianoconte and Quattropani, all connected to the historic center by a scenic road that runs along the entire island. Recommended is the tour of the Island at sunset by taxi or by a moped exploring all the wonderful views that Lipari offers. The Island has a volcanic origin and even today fumaroles and hot springs are still found. They are mostly located on the west coast of the island.



The hotel is equipped on 3 floors. All rooms have a private balcony and some also enjoy the beautiful sea view of the Gulf of Canneto.

Hotel Amarea in Lipari

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"Great Find! Hotel Amarea ticked all the boxes for us in terms of location, cleanliness, staff and facilities"

"The hotel staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. The rooms are large, spotless and air conditioned"

"The hotel is just a few steps from the beach and bus stop to Lipari. The rooms were nice and clean, good value for money!"